An important message from Julissa Liseth Velásquez Dormus

May 5th, 2020


Families living near the Estelí garbage dump will have a medical clinic!!

Translating to Better living conditions.


Hello friends, 


The Medical Clinic project is carried out thanks to the support of friendly hands. It will have a play area and a children's dining room. In the next few days, the families of the La Cruz community, in the municipality of Estelí, will not have to walk kilometers to receive medical assistance, since the first multifunctional clinic is being built in this place, which is expected to be inaugurated right now in May.


In this medical complex, families will be able to receive general attention and consultations in some specialties, such as gynecology and pediatrics, taking into account that there are many women and children who live there, to receive consultation, from the Casa de Vida Ministry.


The construction site is approximately 24 square meters of block and die-cut zinc, with a waiting corridor, which is possible thanks to the voluntary contribution of generous people from the city of Estelí such as Asociación Moes and friends of these organizations. We are managing with the Ministry of Health the nurses and medical personnel that will attend to the community.

We urgently need help to buy masks, gloves and alcohol gel. I do not know if you can do this if we will not see how we do it and I hope you will tell me the cost of gloves and alcohol gel masks is $ 1,500 dollars to use during the entire time of the project.


I hope Please let me know if you can, this would be something extra to equip the clinic more. We will send you photos and videos when it is already working so that you can see what was donated. Please donate what you can my friends.


Take care of each other.

Your donations go directly to helping children and women in Estelí, Nicaragua. 

The families and children of Esteli Nicaragua THANK YOU for your generosity. 


600 masks x $ 1.00: is equivalent to $600 dollars

300 boxes of Gloves x $ 2.00 each box is equivalent to $600

300 alcohol Gel x $ 1.00 each is equivalent to $300 dollars


Total Needed $1,500